What is an e-bike?

A revolutionary new way to experience the world

E-bike, mountain bike pedal assistance, finally a revolutionary new way to experience areas that until recently could not be explored with traditional bike, except by trained professionals.
Go to the discovery of a site with an e-bike means rediscover it from scratch, feeling strong emotions, that allow us to experience even more profound and all-encompassing.

Freedom of Movement

We mean to go at “our” speed according to our intention and our possibilities.
It means to be able to value every second without trying to see everything possible but not valuing that in deepest way.
For example the freedom to stop ourselves to admire a sunset and take a picture just in that precise moment, becouse that specific emotion will be unique and nearly impossible to feel again. Such a special experience will give you physical nd mental benefit.
The chance to choose the different “assistance” levels on E-bike pedaling way, will permit everybody to reach the goal, everybody according to his/her possibilities, but with the same passion nd and positive feeling that only endorfines produced by physical exercise can generate.
A great benefit is just the chance to share the same experience with people with different physical skills, with the same joy and satisfaction.
You must only find your own assistance leveland enjoy completely nature around you.

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