E-bikes, but not only e-bikes, what we offer you are unforgettable experiences with direct contact with  nature: sailing boat tour, lunches and dinners on typical houses just by the sea, canoes experience, trekking, trail and much more. Experiences that will offer you unique emotions because we consider that emotions are the spice of life!

Our goal is just  to give our customers the chance by a “tailor made tour“, to live a a richer  and full of memories reality; that’s why all our proposals, even if following traditional way, can always offer you something special and unusual.
What can you wish more? You get a rare and appealing win-win situation where all gain and no one arrives back. At the end of activity, tired but enthusiastic. you will feel an inebriant fullfilment and you will be more free to taste local food without respecting all diet rules.

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