Cooking class & Collection of the Saffron “Monte di Portofino” with lunch in a typical Ligurian house with sea view.

Meeting with the Guide at 10:00-10:30 at Recco train station, or on request in your hotel (price apart)
We will discover the little town of Recco, considered the gastronomic capital of Liguria. We will go the market to buy the fresh ingredients needed for our cooking class. During our walk, we will get to know the life of the village. Our guide will tell us about the epochal changes that occurred in Liguria, the region that a long time ago was a global maritime power.
After shopping we will head towards a typical Genoese house by the sea. Here, in the garden overlooking the Bay of Friars, we will learn to cook some traditional dishes, with a touch of modernity.
We will use fresh and selected ingredients, in many cases cultivated directly by us, such as the extraordinary saffron of Monte di Portofino.
Note: in October (weather permitting) instead of shopping at the market, we can collect the saffron in a vegetable garden located in the beauty and panoramic frame of San Rocco di Camogli.

The chef recommends:

-Handmade fresh “gnocchetti” potato dumplings stuffed with prosciutto, flavoured with nutmeg, in white pepper and saffron sauce.
-Fresh handmade “trenette” noodles with shrimps, zucchini and saffron
-Tuna slice in pistachios crust and poppy seeds with grilled vegetables
-Sea bass or catch of the day in saffron and lemon sauce
-Cavassa artisan ice cream or pandolce cake
-Coffee or Cappuccino
-Homemade Limoncino Digestive or Sciacchetrà sweet wine

After lunch, we can rest and enjoy a digestive drink or we can have a swim, taking advantage of the private access from the house to the public beach.



Duration: 4/5 hrs
Dress Code: Casual, sports shoes
What’s included: shopping at the market, lunch with drinks in typical Ligurian house by the sea. If you choose the “Saffron collection” option activity is also included. End of activity: 14:00-14:30 hr.

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