Bike in Genoa, the largest historical center of Europe

From la Commenda to Via Garibaldi, Genoa is a succession of narrow road (Vicoli), ancient district and beautiful reinnacence palace. The Capital of the Liguria Region, called in the XIV Sec. from the poetrian Francesco Petrarca “La superba” (the superb)” for the undisputed marine supremaci, show as all the magnificent beauty and reachness of one thousand years of history. Our itinerary move between the century. Start from the medioeval part on the harbour close the impressive mediterranean cathedral, San Giorgio palace (the first european bank), Columbus house, and Via Garibalidi, the luxury residence of the ancient genoise nobilty. Then we move up on the hills that sourrend the city, untill reach the beauty point of “Castelletto” and the nice hilles around. Many fortress was builted on top of the hills and linked by a defence wall during the century. We will reach a couple of them to enjoy the wide view and the pleasure nature. After that we ride down to the roads to visit the small bourg of Boccadasse, a XVI Sec. Marine village survived untill today and incorporated in the great Genoa from the 1920. Time for a good Gelato in the famous “Latteria Igienica” it’s a good opportunity to relax from the fatigue of the day.



Departure from: Manarola, Cinque Terre
Period: from March to November

– Gain bike: + 200 mt. – 200 mt.

– Total development path 16 -22 km.

– Duration: 6 H. (2/3 H. tot ciclyng)

– Level of difficulty: – medium

– roads: asphalt, paths, dirty roads.

– Dress Code: Casual, sports shoes

What’s included: E-mtb, services of a licensed local guide, bottle of water.

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